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"Directing is a nice job. It's the best job for me. If I had to pay money to do it, I would do it. If they changed all the rules and they said, "You've got to stand in line to pay money to do this work, "I would be the first guy in line. It's problematical. It's disappointing often. It's very challenging. It's frustrating as hell. It's extremely demanding and totally satisfying work. And if I wasn't doing this, I would have to do legitimate work for a living. There are guys out there really working for a living, cleaning streets or coal mining, teaching. Directing is playing. Acting." - William Friedkin
They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? is dedicated to the art of motion picture film-making and most specifically to that one particular individual calling the shots from behind the camera - the film director. The 1,000-plus directors listed within these web pages range from the great geniuses of cinema (Godard, Welles, Hitchcock, etc.) to the great studio auteurs of the 40's and 50's (Hawks, Siodmak, Fuller, etc.), to the European masters (Buńuel, Renoir, Bresson), to the modern-day breed (Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, Kiarostami). 
They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? should be viewed primarily as a cinematic traffic cop. In other words, we'll guide you in the direction of each director's best work (both from our own perspective and also from a critical-acclaim perspective). We'll also point you in the direction of each director's full filmographies (courtesy of links to the Internet Movie Database and the All-Movie Guide) and other valuable resources (via links to relevant pages and relevant reading materials). We firmly believe that They Shoot Pictures is, if nothing else, an excellent starting tool for aspiring movie buffs to begin (and also plan) their 'serious' film-viewing experiences.

Please note that the directors listed (with individual pages) within this website (Directors A-L; Directors M-Z) are those directors whose work we are familiar with. In some cases, very familiar (Hitchcock, Ford, Godard), and in some cases, not so familiar (Zulawski, Yuzna, Widerberg).

Directors weren't the only people on the set, you know!?
Yes, well, by dedicating this site to the film director, we in no way mean to detract from the important artistic contributions made by other crew members who sometimes surpassed the director's vision with their own, sometimes more vigorous artistic flavour. In particular: the screenwriter, the producer, the cinematographer, the editor, the composer, the production designer/art director and of course the actor. Please view The Shooting Gallery, which was added in late-2003.
Where did you get that silly web title?
They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? is lifted from the Horace McCoy novel They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Sydney Pollack directed a film version in 1969.
How old is this website?
They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? was first posted on Geocities during March 2002 and then - thanks to some very kind folks - was moved onto it's own domain name and server during May 2003. 
Who are we and why They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?
Just a couple of life-long film lovers based in Adelaide, Australia. TSPDT is a completely hobby-driven, non-profit enterprise which merely aims to provide a reasonable cinematic resource for fellow enthusiasts. Rest assured, we spend a lot more time watching films than maintaining this website. Additionally, please note that we are computer/internet cave people. Please do not email us any technical questions.
Webmaster: Bill Georgaris  |  Partner-in-Crime: Vicki Platt
An Interview (with one of us) by Barnaby Haszard Morris at his blogsite Jdanspsa Wyksui.
Man cannot survive on film lists alone (The TSPDT Soapbox, Volume 1)

As you can tell, by glancing through our website, we take film lists very seriously. It is our bread and butter. We love to compile them, we love to refer to them, and we love bringing them to you. We - quite frankly and embarrassingly - have databases and spreadsheets coming out of our ears. Make no mistake, referring to and utilising film lists is an extremely useful tool that can assist in the discovery of many wonderful films and filmmakers that you may have previously not encountered. They Shoot Pictures is indeed primarily a film list resource, and as we mention above, we make no bones about that. Jonathan Rosenbaum in one of his former Chicago Reader blogs (in which he cited They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?) stated that “lists have always played an important role in my own film education, and over the last decade or so they’ve taken on an increasing importance in my writing.” ‘Important role’ is the key phrase here. The importance of film lists should not be underplayed. However, as useful a tool as they are in helping us make decisions on what to watch next, they should not be considered the be all and end all of a film lover’s reading diet. Additionally, no matter how many films one watches, a deeper understanding of film as an art form cannot be attained unless one hits the shelves and digests some of the more important, educative and influential texts on cinema. These texts assist us in thinking about film in a new and more open-minded way, and subsequently aid us in our analysis of an individual film or of a director’s body of work. We have our own favourites in this regard, but thanks to Sight & Sound, here is a very informative place to start-: The best film books, by 51 critics.

Thanks to...
Roy the Man and Dave the Rave for their technical assistance and server space between 2003-2005. Also, thanks to Alex Gein for his help with the mysterious language of the world wide web! Further thanks to Jeffrey Chen (Window to the for his kind advice and assistance with respects to some of our crappy html coding. Thanks also to Harold Wexler, Bill Spiby, Lee Price, Angel Gonzalez Garcia, Zlatan Skobic, Kevin B. Lee, Kevyn Knox, Dan Schneider... and everybody else who has contributed to and/or supported TSPDT.
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