Ernst Lubitsch's Acclaimed Films

The table below lists the films for this director that have been cited in TSPDT's current editions of The 1,000 Greatest Films and 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films' polls. The Greatest column lists the ranking within the Greatest Films poll, and the 21stC column lists the ranking within the 21st Century poll.
1918I Don't Want to Be a Man45BW70070
1919Puppe, Die/The Doll48BW89540
1919Oyster Princess, The65BW28310
1919Madame DuBarry85BW59040
1920Kohlhiesel's Daughters40BW116580
1920Anna Boleyn100BW46930
1921Bergkatze, Die79BW54150
1924Marriage Circle, The90BW18020
1924Forbidden Paradise76BW145930
1925Lady Windermere's Fan66BW11970
1926So This is Paris68BW64790
1927Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, The105BW19360
1928Patriot, The [LOST FILM]113BW83010
1929Love Parade, The110BW48780
1930Monte Carlo90BW145920
1931Smiling Lieutenant, The93BW44530
1932One Hour with You80BW47700
1932Broken Lullaby77BW24620
1932Trouble in Paradise83BW1390
1933Design for Living90BW11560
1934Merry Widow, The [1934]99BW16260
1937Angel [1937]91BW8470
1938Bluebeard's Eighth Wife85BW27370
1940Shop Around the Corner, The97BW2380
1941That Uncertain Feeling84BW91210
1942To Be or Not to Be [1942]99BW1030
1943Heaven Can Wait [1943]112Col11690
1946Cluny Brown100BW14650
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