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  The 1,000 Greatest Films Links  
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  Rules of the GameBreathless  
  Ain't Nobody's Blues But My Own... Flying in the Face of Consensus.  
  Shooting Down Pictures  
  Kevin B. Lee's site has more-or-less ceased activity, but it is still the perfect companion to TSPDT's 1,000 Greatest Films. Take a look at Shooting Down Pictures' essays of many of TSPDT's 1,000 Greatest Films. Additionally, take a look  at Kevin's YouTube index for Shooting Down Pictures' video essays. These are essential viewing.  
  DOUBLING THE CANON 2012 Update  
  Link for this year's process-:  
  The One-Line Review Presents "Beyond the Canon: 100 Films Deserving of Greater Attention"  
  "Beyond the Canon is essentially a greatest films poll, only without the greatest films. I challenged a number of dedicated film-lovers – critics, bloggers, filmmakers, IMDbers; professional, amateur, and in-between – to select up to 100 films that they believed to have been under-represented by film history, that meant more to them than the established, well-exposed classics." - Iain Stott, The One-Line Review  
  You can see my contribution to this poll here.  
  The One-Line Review Presents "The 50 Greatest Films"  
  A 2009 poll (compiled by Iain Stott) of filmmakers, critics, bloggers, historians, and other assorted cinephiles, attempting, consensually, to find “The 50 Greatest Films”. Thanks to Iain for asking me along. You can see my contribution to this poll here.  
  I Check Movies  
  I Check Movies is a nifty website that helps you to manage your viewing experiences, particularly in relation to the 1,000 Greatest Films listing. "Sign up, create your profile, watch lots of movies, and brag about it." Recommended. I Check Movies have also incorporated TSPDT's Noir and 21st Century lists into their website.  
  More Links  
  • The 1,000 Movie Journey. One film geek attempts the impossible..  
  • The Quest for 1,000 Films. A teenage film buff's quest to view all the films on the 1,000 Greatest Films list.  
  • Can You Name the They Shoot Pictures Top 100?  
  • Lawrence "Jose" Sinclair's 1,000 DVD's to See and World's Best Films.  
  • Please take a look at Angel Gonzalez Garcia's own compilation of 1,000 (actually 1,028) classic films. Compiled in a very similar manner to our own 1,000, this is another terrific resource for film lovers to chomp into.  
  • The Cinematheque - Read about Kevyn Knox's quest to see the 1,000 Greatest Films. Kevyn's website The Cinematheque is a terrific resource which we here at TSPDT have gleefully plundered (in particular, The Top 10 Project). Don't hesitate, just go there.  
  • Justin Watches Movies - What do university grads do in their spare time? Well, they try to watch the 1,000 Greatest Films.  
  • Film for the Soul - Film blogger (Ric Burke) also takes on the 1,000 Greatest Films.  
  • The Guardian's 1,000 Films to See Before You Die.  
  • The scourge of the best film list by Ronald Bergan.  
  • What Makes a Film Great by M.R.M. Parrott.  
  • Professors Kay Armatage and Charlie Keil give their thoughts on what makes a great film.  
  • Norman Lebrecht on what makes a great critic.  
  • Film Reference article on Film Criticism.  
  • A Roundtable Discussion: How Film Critics Work.  
  • Ronald Bergan: What every film critic must know.  
  • Light My Fire: The Geology and Geography of Film Canons.  
  • The "Sight & Sound" of Canons  
  • Wikipedia entry: Film canon.  
  • And another: Reel World Domination If young film buffs choose Tarantino over Antonioni, are they culturally illiterate? Some of their elders, self-appointed guardians of the cinematic canon, think so.  
  • Sight and Sound's 2002 poll of the Best Films of All-Time sourced 145 critics, writers and academics, and 108 film directors. You can view the results here. The 2002 Sight & Sound poll has been incorporated into TSPDT's 1,000 Greatest Films listing.   
  • Otherwise, for the best film-list locales (that we've spotted) on the internet, please visit the Greatest Films site, Jeeem's CinePad presents The 100 Most Acclaimed Movies of All Time, Aaron & Mark Caldwell's Top 100 Movie Lists, Phi-Phenomenon ("The most sophisticated study of film taste on the internet"), Jack Ferdman's "The Best of Movies", (The best movies picked by critics and filmmakers), Eric C. Johnson's collection of lists, and In Search of a Canon: Movie Polls Through the Years.  
  • Additionally, George Wu has put together - in a similar vein to They Shoot Pictures - a list of the Top 100 Movies of All-Time, based on critics' polls. View here  
  • The Sagal index of the 2,000 best films of all time.  
  • TSPDT also recommends 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. Selected & written by leading international critics. Available from all good bookstores!  
  • Another eclectic list of 1,000 films - hand-picked by Jonathan Rosenbaum - can be found at the back of his book "Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons" (released in April 2004). Available from all good bookstores! You can view Mr. Rosenbaum's full list at New York filmmaker Kevin B. Lee's website: Jonathan Rosenbaum's 1000 Essential Films or for a in-depth analysis of his list, go here.  
  • Another personal canon worth perusing is Pierro Scaruffi's list of the 1,000 Best Films of All-Time.  
  • Jason Darby's put a lot of effort into his own personal canon of 1,000 films. It can be found at the Lists of Bests website.  
  • Additional Recommendation: The 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made by the film critics of the New York Times.   
  • Furthermore: Halliwell's Top 1000 Films + Peter Travers' 1,000 Best Movies on DVD were both published in 2005.  
  • Alternatively, if you wish to view what the makers of They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? regard as the best films they have seen, please go here.  
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