Roger Corman's Acclaimed Films

The table below lists the films for this director that have been cited in TSPDT's current editions of The 1,000 Greatest Films and 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films' polls. The Greatest column lists the ranking within the Greatest Films poll, and the 21stC column lists the ranking within the 21st Century poll.
1956It Conquered the World68BW58120
1956Day the World Ended82BW155050
1957Not of This Earth67BW86730
1957Rock All Night62BW53830
1959Attack of the Giant Leeches62BW155040
1959Bucket of Blood, A66BW53160
1960Fall of the House of Usher, The85Col91230
1960Little Shop of Horrors, The70BW90470
1961Pit and the Pendulum, The80Col65940
1962Intruder, The [1962]80BW31910
1963X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes80Col46440
1963Terror, The81Col155030
1964Masque of the Red Death, The86Col20650
1965Tomb of Ligeia, The81Col76260
1966Wild Angels, The93Col53540
1967Trip, The [1967]85Col92290
1967St. Valentine's Day Massacre, The100Col77730
1970Bloody Mama90Col119090
1990Frankenstein Unbound85Col41600
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